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Via Czechia is a unique system of long-distance hiking, cycling and skiing trails in the Czech Republic, running across and around the whole country. No matter whether a hiker, biker or a cross-country skier, you can give it a go! Via Czechia offers all three trail alternatives, in total of 5,160 km.

Both North Trail and South Trail span between the westernmost and easternmost points of the country, roughly copy the border-line and lead over all of the Czech highest mountain peaks. By completing both trails, you will hike or ride almost a perfect circuit of 2,200 kilometers.

Via Czechia passes through mountain sceneries, nature reserves, forests and meadows and other places of natural beauty, and also leads you to stunning cultural and historical places along the way.


  • Photo: Jan Hocek, CC BY-ND, Via Czechia
  • Photo: Jan Hocek, Via Czechia
  • Photo: Jan Hocek, Via Czechia
  • Photo: CC BY-ND


Mgr. Jan Hocek


Czech Republic