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Nordic Walking - Terrainkurwege

Terrain cure walking paths

Terrain cure walking paths provide a form of natural movement adapted to the current physical condition. Exercise in the fresh air, in nature and in the healing climate of the Ore Mountains. The Altenberg Spa town has 12 marked circuits for terrain walking cure, each of which begins and ends in the spa park or at the Raupennest Rehabilitation Clinic. All routes are circular and after overcoming the marked distance will take you back to your starting point. Walking along these routes supports your health by moving in a favorable climate, in the natural form of hiking. The climate and the natural environment around the spa town have a particularly positive effect on the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

Get to know the individual terrain cure walking paths in their detailed descriptions below.

The area of terrain cure walking paths

Photo: Jana Kozlerova, Tourist-Information Altenberg
The mountain town of Altenberg is located at an altitude of 750 m in the eastern Ore Mountains. The town is located 3 km north of the ridge of the Ore Mountains, which is characterized as a plateau in the border area with the Czech Republic. Striking ridges are, for example, the basalt Geisingberg (824 m) or the highest mountain in the eastern Ore Mountains, Kahleberg (905 m).


The terrain cure walking paths are circular trails, leading mainly through the southern areas around the Galgenteich ponds, Kahleberg and Raupennest. Further to the Georgenfeld plateau and the Zinnwald and in the west to Schellerhau. The maximum difference in altitude of the routes is approximately 900 m on the Kahleberg and approximately 710 m east towards Geising. This area is characterized by extensive spruce forests. Spacious meadows and open areas are located to the north and east to the neighboring town of Geising.

12 marked terrain cure walking paths around the climatic spa Altenberg

Special form of movement therapy.

Classic terrain treatment is a special form of spa movement therapy. It is characterized by adequate intensity, full body workout in the fresh mountain air and nature. It is performed by normal or faster walking. Terrain therapy normalizes the vegetative functions of the organism: the cardiovascular system works more efficiently, breathing is stimulated, muscles and joints are strengthened and the whole metabolism is positively affected.


Terrain cure walking paths on the map

Just center and zoom in the map to see the routes.
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