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  • Langläufer auf dem Kahleberg, Skifahren
    Langläufer auf dem Kahleberg, Skifahren Photo: Detlev Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Schellerhau - Langlauf, Loipeneinstieg
    Schellerhau - Langlauf, Loipeneinstieg Photo: Egbert Kamprath, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langläufer in der Loipe
    Langläufer in der Loipe Photo: Detlef Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langlaufsport in der Loipe Photo: Detlef Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langlausport in der Urlaubsregion Altenberg Photo: Detlef Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langlaufgebiet Oberbärenburg, Loipe Photo: Ahornallee Oberbärenburg, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg

Experience the winter idyll of the Ore Mountains

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing amidst the beautiful panorama of the Ore Mountains. Cross-country skiing and winter sports enthusiasts will find a great place in Altenberg. Snow-covered forests, clean air, whether you skate or classic - your route will take you through the snowy mountain landscape - the heart of the cross-country skier will just sing. More than 80 km of groomed cross-country ski trails make the Altenberg holiday region a paradise for cross-country skiers and winter hikers.  Come and see for yourself! The extensive trails in the Altenberg are groomed daily, you will find easy circuits and challenging hikes for trained athletes. 

Unsere Rundloipen

Cross-country skiing circular trail Kahleberg (L1)

The L1 across the Kahleberg area. It is a 9 km long circular trail with refreshments possibilities and a great view from the Kahleberg.

Altenberg/ Schellerhau - Cross-country skiing circular trail East Ore Mountains (L2)

A comfortable, circular trail - this is ideal for beginners. The tour can also be extended further towards Schellerhau or Kahleberg.

Altenberg / Schellerhau - circular cross-country skiing trail Pöbelknochen (L3)

Circular cross-country skiing trail L3 is varied and leads around the Pöbelknochen over the heights of Schellerhau.

Altenberg / Rehefeld - Cross-country skiing circular trail Wüster Teich (L4)

The circular trail L4 is located away from the main tourist attractions and invites you to "undisturbed" skiing.

Cross-country skiing circular trail Scharspitze (L5)

The L5 is a circular trail around two of the well-known peaks, the  Scharspitze and the Biwakkuppe. This tour is medium difficult. 

Unsere Skiwanderwege

Altenberg / Bärenfels - Cross-country ski path Spitzberg (S1)

This cross-country ski path connects Schellerhau and Bärenfels.

Altenberg / Schellerhau - circular Cross-country ski path Wolfshügel (S2)

The extension of the cross-country ski trail Pöbelknochen around the Wolfshügel..

Circular Cross-country ski path Tellkoppe (S3)

Cross-country ski circular path Tellkoppe - an easy tour near Oberbärenburg.

Altenberg / Oberbärenburg - Cross-country ski path Oberbärenburg (S4)

The cross-country ski path leads from Altenberg to Oberbärenburg - past the famous toboggan and bobsled run in Altenberg.

Cross-country ski path Zinnwald (S5)

This cross-country ski path  takes you to the Kohlhaukuppe.

Altenberg / Hirschsprung - Cross-country ski path Hirschsprung (S6)

The cross-country ski path leads from Altenberg to Hirschsprung and can be used as a connection to the racing sled and bobsleigh track.

Altenberg / Waldidylle - Cross-Country ski path Waldidylle (S7)

Cross-country ski path in the middle of pure idyll.

Altenberg / Bärenstein - Skiwanderweg Bärenstein (S8)

Dieser Skiwanderweg führt von Altenberg über die Sachsenhöhe nach Bärenstein.

Altenberg / Rehefeld - Skiwanderweg Hemmschuh (S9)

Leichte Skiwanderung am Hemmschuh in Rehefeld-Zaunhaus.

Was ist eigentlich der Unterschied zwischen Loipe und Skiwanderweg?

Photo: Tourist-Information Altenberg

Photo: Egbert Kamprath, Tourist-Information Altenberg

Unser Tipp für alle Wintersport-Fans

Enjoy the winter idyll on cross-country skis in the Altenberg recreation area.

Photo: Tourist-Information Altenberg, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
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