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  • Langläufer auf dem Kahleberg, Skifahren
    Langläufer auf dem Kahleberg, Skifahren Photo: Detlev Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Schellerhau - Langlauf, Loipeneinstieg
    Schellerhau - Langlauf, Loipeneinstieg Photo: Egbert Kamprath, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langlaufsport in der Loipe
    Langlaufsport in der Loipe Photo: Detlef Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langläufer in der Loipe Photo: Detlef Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langlausport in der Urlaubsregion Altenberg Photo: Detlef Müller, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
  • Langlaufgebiet Oberbärenburg, Loipe Photo: Ahornallee Oberbärenburg, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg

Experience the winter idyll of the Ore Mountains

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing amidst the beautiful panorama of the Ore Mountains. Cross-country skiing and winter sports enthusiasts will find a great place in Altenberg. Snow-covered forests, clean air, whether you skate or classic - your route will take you through the snowy mountain landscape - the heart of the cross-country skier will just sing. More than 80 km of groomed cross-country ski trails make the Altenberg holiday region a paradise for cross-country skiers and winter hikers.  Come and see for yourself! The extensive trails in the Altenberg are groomed daily, you will find easy circuits and challenging hikes for trained athletes. 

Our Cross-country skiing circular trails

Winter fun at 800 m above sea level - from A for Altenberg to Z for Zinnwald. Families, professional and beginners will find a great place here.

Our Cross-country ski paths

Away from the hustle and bustle, completely relaxed, around the individual districts of the holiday region Altenberg.

What is the difference between a cross-country skiing trail and a cross-country skiing path?

These two definitions are also explained in detail in our winter sports map. A cross-country skiing trail is clearly classified, marked and groomed in sufficient snow conditions. A cross-country skiing path must be both marked and skiable. In addition, a cross-country ski path is usually only groomed when there is a lot of interest and when snow conditions are sufficient.

Voluntary contribution to the grooming of cross-country skiing trails

Photo: Tourist-Information Altenberg
Do you want to support us?

At the tourist information office in Altenberg you can make a voluntary contribution to the maintenance of the cross-country skiing trails. In return, you will receive your own season pass. This contribution is used to offer you freshly groomed cross-country ski trails and paths every day. The fleet, which consists of 3 snow groomers, 8 snowmobiles and 2 Ranger UTVs, must of course also be serviced regularly. Approximately 600 hours must be covered per season.

Without all the volunteers who help us keep the trails in perfect condition year after year, cross-country skiing would not be possible. A huge thanks for this great work and of course thanks to the other helpers such as the volunteer firefighters and the colleagues from the biathlon Sparkassen Arena who are always on hand with help and advice.

Let's take a look behind the scenes of how cross-country ski trails are groomed...

Photo: Egbert Kamprath, Tourist-Information Altenberg
Who has ever wondered how many snow groomers and snowmobiles groom the more than 80 km long network of cross-country ski trails and paths in the Altenberg recreational region?


In total, there are about 80 km of trails, including about 40 km of cross-country skiing trails and about 40 km of cross-country skiing paths. Of course, it can't be done by just one person. The hard-working team consists of 4 snow groomers drivers and 15 snowmobile drivers. If there is enough snow, their day starts early in the morning and they start grooming the trails at 5:00 am.


They start with five main trails to provide perfect conditions for all winter sports lovers, followed by feeder and connecting trails. Meanwhile, in other parts of the Altenberg recreational region, the first snowmobiles are setting off to prepare cross-country skiing paths and winter hiking trails.

Our tip for all winter sports fans

Every morning we publish the latest daily news on our website. Here you can find information about snow depth, the condition of the cross-country ski trails, the weather and opening times.
Correct behavior is also important in cross-country skiing and with a little respect you always ride better. This applies not only on the road, but also on the slopes. For a relaxed and harmonious flow, there are also simple rules of conduct for the use of the cross-country trails. Follow these 10 points, which can be seen as a kind of road traffic regulations, and enjoy this wonderful winter sport.


We wish you an unforgettable winter vacation in the recreational region of Altenberg.


1.Respect other sports people

Every cross-country skier must behave in such a way that he does not endanger or prejudice others.


2.Signs, signals, direction and technique

Signposts, marks and signals must be observed at any time. Both the running direction and Nordic skiing technique are explicitly defined for each cross-country skiing track.


3.Choice of the track

Always use the track furthest to the right on dual or triple tracks. Cross-country ski groups have to run behind one another on the right track. Freestyle Nordic skiers always have to use the right track.


4. Overtaking

You may overtake others either on the left or on the right. The Nordic skier in front of you is not obliged to sidestep but he should sidestep in order to avoid dangerous situations.


5.Two-way traffic

If you meet oncoming cross-country skiers you sidestep to the right.Nordic skiers on a downhill stretch have right of way.


6.Position of the Nordic ski poles

If you overtake someone else, if someone overtakes you or if you meet oncoming Nordic skiers you should keep your poles close to the body.


7.Adapt your speed to the conditions

Every cross-country skiers must choose his speed and behaviour according to his skills and ability level, the conditions of the terrain, the volume of skiers and the visibility. Skiers have to maintain adequate safety distance. In a case of emergency you should try to fall down (“emergency fall”) to avoid crashing into the other skier.


8.Keeping clear the track

Those who stop leave the track immediately. A fallen Nordic skier must leave the track as quickly as possible.



In case of an accident everyone is obliged to give first aid.


10.Obligatory identification

Everyone, no matter if being a witness of a person involved, is obliged to provide personal data.

Enjoy the winter idyll on cross-country skis in the Altenberg recreation area.

Photo: Tourist-Information Altenberg, CC BY-ND, Tourist-Information Altenberg
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